Thoughts on Tanks: Uwell Crown

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Crown after owning it for quite some time. 


  • 4 mL capacity
  • .25, .5 ohm traditional (wattage/power mode) coils
  • .15 ohm nickel temperature control coils
  • Easy, top-fill 
  • Two large air inlets, with adjustments
  • 3 total coils, replacement glass in box

Flavor, Draw, Vapor Production:

  • The flavor from this tank, as mentioned by many, including vaping360 (my favorite reference site), is phenomenal, up there with any tank of choice. 
  • The draw is great, with just a slight restriction on the inhale, which deepens vapor density at wide open air flow. 
  • The vapor production is great, while not providing absurd clouds in my experience. If you're looking for sheer cloud production, I would recommend the Sense Cyclone or some of the coils for the Smok TFV4.

Vaping Experience:

The Crown is one of the few tanks I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. The coil options cater to anyone looking for a sub-tank, the coil life is more than reasonable, and the tank won't leave you destitute regarding coil costs, juice usage, and general upkeep. The build quality is excellent, the tank itself and drip tip are made from stainless steel. The top-fill cap screws onto the top of the tank, a nice feature that's superior to the TFV4 in every way, (hopefully Smok will learn from this and make adjustments to their top-fill design). This is a tank you can use for the foreseeable future without regrets.

Regarding the coils, I typically use the .25 ohm coils, at roughly 50W on my Hohm Wrecker, and about 60W on the KBOX 200. As I said above, I truly love the air flow, flavor, and vapor production, and the fact I save a few bucks on coils compared to the TFV4, Artic V8, etc. I enjoy the .5 ohm coils as well, which save on battery power over time, a nice feature, especially if you are using something along the lines of the Coolfire 4/+, Tesla Nano 100W, or similar with built-in batteries. The .5 ohm coils I find run well for me around 35-38W on the Hohm Wrecker and other high power mods. With my two LG 3000 mAh batteries on the .5 ohm coils I was good for about two days on a single charge when using the Hohm Wrecker, a little less with the KBOX. The temperature coils are quite nice as well, providing a cooler vape, even at my personally recommended 450 degrees. I used them on the KBOX extensively as a test, and truly enjoyed them. Given my vaping history, I am a little more old school, and typically use the power/wattage coils, but Uwell's done some great work with all of the coil options. 


On a 10 point scale, I would easily give this tank a 9, perhaps even a 9.5. It's solid, reliable, and I have never had leaking issues during use. It comes packaged with all available coils and replacement glass in the box, providing great value. The top-fill design of this tank should become the standard for all top-fill tanks as far as I'm concerned, it's by far the easiest and most reliable to use. If you are looking for a new, reliable with great flavor, look no further.




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