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  • Grand Opening in Staunton, VA!

    It's happened! A lot of work has paid off! We have opened up in Staunton, VA, and now our grand opening is tomorrow.   Head down to 32 South New Street, Staunton, VA to get some free food.  We are having homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning, and smoked pork loin sandwiches and potato salad, co... View Post
  • A Billion Lives Saved: How Big Money is Selling Out Vaping

    Many people may not know, but A Billion Lives will have its premier in North America on August 6th, 2016. It is a story about how the vape industry is being sold out from under us by the government, tobacco companies, and drug companies.   For those of you who don’t know, this is the preview for ... View Post
  • The Vape Choice: Free To Choose Not To Smoke

    Freedom is choice. Without a choice of option A or option B, there is no freedom. A week ago, we celebrated the fourth of July. It is the day that we chose, as a new country to choose option B.   We at Modern Smoking Solutions are celebrating our one-year anniversary. Last year on the 4th, we o... View Post