A Billion Lives Saved: How Big Money is Selling Out Vaping

Many people may not know, but A Billion Lives will have its premier in North America on August 6th, 2016. It is a story about how the vape industry is being sold out from under us by the government, tobacco companies, and drug companies.


For those of you who don’t know, this is the preview for it:



The people who have put together this project together have gotten fed up with the lies that people in power have been feeding the masses. There is so much money at stake that those with the power are trying to crush an industry that will save and extend the lives of millions of people if given the opportunity.


The people who we currently are up against are trying to destroy us, because they are going to lose billions of dollars. Even the so-called health related non-profits like the American Lung Association would lose millions of dollars each year if smokers make the switch.


Vaping has been shown to not only be 95% safer than smoking conventional cigarettes, but it is also showing to be a more effective tool to quit altogether than things like the patch and gum.


But see that’s the thing: lower tax money for the government, lower profits for Big Tobacco, and lower donations to all these so called health organizations because people aren’t dying from tobacco related diseases. Mix it all together and you get many big guns coming for the vape industry.


It wouldn’t be hard to change any of this though. Lower tax revenue would be taken care of because of lower claims against Medicare from people who smoked their whole life. Lower donations to health organizations that fight smoking means money will go to organizations that study other problems. And tobacco companies with either evolve or die.


That is how this should all really be going. The government should be embracing this case study of people solving their issues. A bottom up revival of people saying “I’m tired of living like this, I’m going to solve the problem.”


But unfortunately, the FDA is a corrupt organization that can easily be bought off from people who don’t really care about their customers. So, the industry has to fight back through the court system and try to defeat these enemies of the good.


If we are to win this fight, vapers are going to have to continue to stand up and be counted. There are many organizations that are working on our behalf and need our help in fighting the entrenched establishment.


Documentaries like A Billion Lives will show you what we are actually up against and how hard it is going to be to win this fight. It is a good reality check for those who want to actually know what is happening.


Share it with as many people as possible, especially people who do not vape or may not have ever smoked. We need as many of them on our side as possible because they can provide the public approval needed to change perceptions of vaping.


Do not be discouraged by the naysayers and the corrupt. You know what has happened in your life because of your decision to switch to vaping. Life has gotten better. And the vape industry will not stop until a billion lives are changed.


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