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  • Lithicore Battery - Modern Smoking Solutions

Lithicore Battery

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Lithicore Tech Batteries have been designed from the inside out and built with vaping in mind.  Lithicore Batteries only use the highest grade materials are designed and built in the USA. 

Nominal Capacity: 3000 mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Discharge Current: Continuous 20A, Max pulse 35A
Positive: Flat
Rechargeable: Yes
Size: Diameter 18.50(±0.2)mm X 65.20(±0.2mm)

These batteries offer four different protections:

CID Protection:(current Interrupt Device) A pressure valve, which will decable the cell permanently of pressure if the internal pressure is too high (example, if the battery overcharges)

PTC Protection: (Pressure, Temperature, Current) Inhibits high current surges, protects against high pressure and over-temperatures.

Separator Protection: Separates Anode and Cathode within a cell while allowing maximum ionic conductivity of the Lithium-Ion containing electrolyte. (Prevents electrical short circuits).

Vent Protection: The last line of defense, releases pressure in a controlled way if it becomes excessive INSTEAD of exploding.