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  • The Vape Choice: Free To Choose Not To Smoke

    Freedom is choice. Without a choice of option A or option B, there is no freedom. A week ago, we celebrated the fourth of July. It is the day that we chose, as a new country to choose option B.


    We at Modern Smoking Solutions are celebrating our one-year anniversary. Last year on the 4th, we opened our doors to a different kind of freedom: self-employment. Our owner, Dani, decided to take on the risk that came with owning her own shop and try to carve out a piece of the dream.


    It has been a wild ride so far, between getting the shop up and running, creating our own premium line, to learning how to market it effectively. While it has been hard, it has also been rewarding.   Every month we are growing, which is exciting. It will take a pretty special second year to top the first year we were in business.


    Most of all, we have you to thank for your continued support and patronage! You are why we have been allowed to continue on this path.


    The Battle for Vaping’s Life


    As we are moving into the second year of our business, we are facing a battle that will help determine how the next couple of years turn out for the vape industry as a whole.


    This is also what vapers are declaring. They are choosing not to smoke and have chosen to vape. We are seeing that choice trying to be clawed from our hands. As the deeming regulations from the FDA get closer, we are seeing an effort by the vape community to fight back.


    Between the countless lawsuits against the FDA, to advocacy on Capitol Hill, people are trying to fight back in an effort to keep their freedom of choice. While our opponents are powerful people, the groundswell of vapers that have come to the defense of vaping has a very real chance of overtaking them.


    The FDA has made great mistakes in the past, as can be shown here.   Also, were are the statistics that show vaping as being more unsafe than cigarettes, yet the FDA has approved drugs so that over 8,000,000 of the country’s children are on psychiatric drugs without any concern with what this will mean for our society in the future. Also, if we want to go further, the FDA decided it was ok to destroy our food supply.


    It makes you wonder why they thought it was so important to “protect the children” from vaping while they allow all these other products to continue on the market unhindered. Look at where the profits are, there you will find the source of the FDA’s regulations.


    Changing Lives and Destroying Cigarettes


    It isn’t all about advocacy, though. People are changing their lives. Vaping has saved thousands of lives and will continue to do so if we are allowed to continue to help people make the switch. Vape is continually being shown to do significantly less damage than smoking while it helps people quit the tar and chemical infested cigarettes.


    The goal of the vape community is to turn these relics into a thing of the past, but only if given the opportunity to continue on our upward trajectory. So, even though we are celebrating the achievements that we have accomplished thus far, we have a lot of work ahead of us a industry.


    Whether it be changing the way that we market our products, to trying to change the perception of people’s opinions of vaping, the problems are there to be answered. And they will be answered, it is just a matter of at what costs. We are asking that they don’t destroy the industry before we answer those questions for ourselves.


    We really are there to help people, but it is a matter of showing people that we are serious about this.Also, advocacy groups like CASAA, need vapers to help with the show of solidarity when they are advocating on the Hill.  So if you like what they are doing, join in the fight.


    Thoughts on how to help the vape industry? Comment below!


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  • Tolerance for Vaping: What Every Non Smoker Needs To Know About The Vaper

    You and your family are walking down the mall, and there are smokers everywhere.  You do your best to have your kids avoid the smoke, but you walk straight into a cloud of vape that seemingly came out of nowhere.  You want to yell at them and tell them that it is a ridiculous habit to have; why don’t they just stop?

    It happens all the time.  People who have never smoked or vaped are baffled by people who do.  While we all understand that smoking is extremely harmful for us, including smokers, what most people, who haven’t had to try to quit smoking, don’t understand is the vaper’s passion for what they are doing.

    We want to give some advice for the people in your life who aren’t in the same place as you, so that we can begin to help them understand why this has become your life.

    It’s Not The Vapor

    People like to think that the biggest thing for vapers is the big clouds or the flavors.  From what we have seen, it is neither.  It’s the fact that they are not smoking.  People are in love with not smoking.  They are happy that they can breathe again. They don’t smell like an ashtray. 

    You can see it in the way they talk and walk; when a customer quits smoking, there is a pride that exudes from them.  They know what they did and it makes them happy. Quitting is one of the hardest things that people go through in their life.

    Just Quit. I Don’t Get Why You Started In The First Place

    We get it Mr. Non-smoker, we shouldn’t have started in the first place, and if we had the ability to go back in time, we would choose a different path.  As there is no way to do that, this is one of the best ways to change one of the worst habits we ever picked up. We have a way to fix it and we are doing it. 

    Little did you know, we are actually completely aware that putting things in our body that doesn’t belong there could be bad.  Guess what though? It is the fact that there is scientific evidence that this is a safer way to get the nicotine that we need as we quit, but it actually tastes pretty well.

    We are slowly stepping our nicotine down, and working a plan on how to quit an addiction that had overtaken our lives.  We will quit, but all in good time, as it is not as easy to just say I’m going to quit doing something that I have been doing for as long as I can remember.

    We Understand Why You Fear What You Don’t Understand

    It is a natural thing for humans to fear what they don’t understand, but in all reality, before you tell us what is good or bad for us you need to do some research into what is happening.  There is more anecdotal evidence and scientific evidence as to why this is safer for us then why it would be worse for us. 

    If you ask any vaper, who was also a smoker, about the changes in their life since they started to vape, you would find out what we are talking about.  We breathe better, we taste things again, we can go somewhere and not have to excuse ourselves to go smoke a cigarette and come back embarrassed that we smell like the ashtray we were standing by. 

    It’s something that the non-smoker will never understand.  So don’t tell us you do, just accept that smelling like watermelon or strawberry is better than smelling like a cigarette.  You will also like it better.  We know because of the look you used to give us after we came back.

    Vaping Is Dangerous

    While we see the same news reports that you do about these devices blowing up, it is actually a very small number.  Most of these are due to user error.  It’s also why it’s is so important that we educate ourselves on the devices that we use. 

    Most shops will not allow you to walk out until you understand how the device works.  It is important that the user understands for a number of reasons.  If they don’t understand how it works, it won’t help them quit because they will not be happy with it. 

    Also, they need to know how to refill it, take care of it, how to change coils, and they need to know what type of e liquid they are using and what is in it.  All these things go into having a great experience with vaping, and are the reasons to why we try to explain and show people how to use their device safely

    You Are Just Moving From One Addiction To Another

    While this may look like the case, it is not the goal of companies like ours.  Our owner, Dani, explains it very well:

                    “Many people look at the vape industry as an extension of the tobacco companies like Phillip Morris, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our goal as a company is to get people to quit using nicotine and this is the most effective way we have found to make that happen.  We continually encourage people to lower their nicotine intake until they reach zero.  At that point, we want to create the environment to make sure that they no longer are our customers.  Our whole mission is to create non customers.“

    It’s a lofty goal, but that really is what’s most important.  To give people their freedom from the addiction is a big ask and the sooner the non-smoker understands that, the easy it will be to achieve it. We want people not in the industry to see where we are coming from and what we are trying to do.  It is not as simple as just give it up.  

    Telling people to just quit doing something that has been a daily part of their life for years is the same as telling people not to brush their teeth every day, it just won’t happen.

    Share with us your quitting experience below!

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  • FDA Regulations Are Coming: Vapers Should Have A Voice

    The Confusion Over the FDA

    The FDA is leaving many questions hanging over the vaping industry. On the one hand, I do not think they don’t wish to stifle a budding industry that is creating economic activity for thousands upon thousands of people. On the other hand, they wish to create standards that they believe will help the industry thrive without creating undue harm.

    The problems come in when the FDA decides that they know what they do not actually know. They have decided that this industry is the same as the tobacco industry. It is unequivocally not the same. We have wholly different products. The only thing that is the same is that you can get nicotine from both products.

    So to go through these regulations we find that there are a number of problems with them that needs to be address so that we can continue to help people save and extend their lives by switching to vaping.


    The FDA believes that we are increasing consumption with children.

    This is fundamentally wrong. There is not a vape shop that I know of who will sell to people under 18. I can tell you in our shop we card those who look under 25. We will not sell our products to those under 18.

    The belief that vaping is increasing consumption of nicotine has also been proven wrong. Research has shown in England, that the rate of increase in consumption of nicotine has continued to decrease even as more and more people switch to vaping. There is nothing that has shown an increase in this area.

    If you are actually looking at the studies, it shows that even though use of vaping is increasing among youth who already smoke, it is because they have already started to smoke. It is likely they do not care about that, just the raw numbers.  


    FDA believes that they need standards in the making of e liquid.

    Many people may disagree with this, but it is actually something that makes sense. While being able to adjust and make to order juices is great, people do not understand that there are drawbacks to this as well. While most places try very hard to be as accurate as possible, it will never be one hundred percent on the money.

    There is also the fact it is being made in air that is not pure. This will inevitably lead to foreign particles being inside the juice that you are going to be vaping on. This is why we have taken the steps to ensure that where we make our premium line is the highest quality that we could get, a Class 5 ISO clean room, and we have also brought in people who are trained to the highest standard to make our premium e liquid.

    Also, if you look throughout the vape industry, you will find that there are no longer things like dicetyl, which is the main component in popcorn lung.  It is being shunned by companies and consumers alike, and for probably upwards of 95% of the industry no longer uses this products.  Yet, in cigarettes there is 750 times the amount of dicetyl in them, and there is no huge uproar over the sale of something that is known to kill people. 


    The FDA does not know the long-term effects of vaping.

    I feel like I shouldn’t even have to discuss this, as there is scientific study after scientific study that shows that the effects are better than combustible tobacco. As long as they continue to ignore science, we cannot make headway in this area. 

    Then we have all the anecdotal evidence in our day to day lives. People come in, quit smoking, say they can actually breath again. They don’t wake up with tar in their mouth, coughing up a storm. Their skin looks healthier; their taste buds come back, their able to walk without getting winded. We have reports also about people having precancerous spots on their lungs and they made the switch. Two months later, their lungs are clear.

     The government is willfully ignoring the known effects of vaping.  When a government such as England puts out studies, it would behoove our government to pay attention to things like that.  I mean that whole common sense thing and all. 


    The FDA believes that anything that was made after 2007 should be taxed retroactively.

    The FDA does not even realize that the entire industry has changed since 3 years ago, let alone almost a decade ago. February 15th 2007, is the date that the FDA believes we should go back to and force every product that has come on to the market since then to pay for the privilege of the FDA’s approval.

    It is utter nonsense, and we are hoping for the Office of Management and Budget to strike this down, otherwise it will have to be an issue that is brought to the courts. If the FDA doesn’t recognize that they don’t know anything about the vape industry, it will be a battle worth having.

    To do the Premarket Tobacco Application on every line of juice that a vape shop carries could potentially lead to costs totaling in the millions just for one vape shop.  When you figure in that there are tens of thousands of shops and e liquid companies in the country, then the costs reaches billions upon billions of dollars in taxes that otherwise would not have been paid, and who does that tax money go to? We are not really sure. 

    If their purpose is to bankrupt vape companies and put people out of work, then job well done FDA.


    The FDA does not really understand the vape industry, but wants to regulate it anyway.

    The vape industry prides itself on being open and honest. We are trying to give people their freedom back. With that, we recognize that we can do things better, and every year we are learning and developing better processes. People wouldn’t be coming back time and time again unless it was helping them. 

    They have also claimed they want child resistant locks and warnings on bottles that contain liquid nicotine. Well every bottle of e liquid that I have received in the past has always had child resistant caps on them. It just makes you want to scream at them to do their homework. If they are not capable of seeing that the vape industry sets a pretty high standard for itself, then they are not really capable of making the rules to govern it.

    Setting The Standard Is Being Better Then The FDA

    And that is how we operate here at MSS. We are already going above and beyond what the FDA wants us to. Where our juices are made, who they are made by, the way that they are made, the quality of products that they are made with. We can show and attest to the fact that everything we do here is to set a standard so high that the government will not be able to touch us on these products.

    It is very important, though, that the vape industry stands as one to make sure that we do not allow the government to quell an industry that is actually helping people. We cannot allow the big tobacco companies to win out because they have more money and have friends in higher places. The whole point is to take their customers and turn them into non-customers, i.e. save lives.

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