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  • Today is the Day!

    MSS Premium is available for purchase! We told you we would let you know when MSS Premium becomes available.  Well that day is here, and what a great day!It has been a long process to be able to bring this new line to you.  We have taken every step to ensure that MSS Premium is the best, cleanest... View Post
  •   And Do it Right   That is what we are offering.  You knowing that your juices are the best and the safest that they can be, is very important to us.  We understand that what you put into your body cannot be cheaply done. MSS Premium is going to be the one that sets the standard for us.  With th... View Post
  •   It's almost here! What you are seeing here is long hours and hard work.  We are trying to improve our ability to serve our customers and to set a standard the vape industry cannot ignore. Have you been to our website lately? Well, you may be noticing some differences.  We are going through a... View Post